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Ways to help

Your support will help us to continue our mission of bringing joy and comfort to those in need through the power of flowers. We ensure that every donation we receive is used effectively and efficiently to make a meaningful impact in the lives of those we help.

Donating Flowers

Prolong flowers well beyond their intended purpose!

BRIDES:   Let one of your first acts of kindness as a couple, be to pass on part of the joy of your special day.  Arrange pick up of flowers  at your venue and you can even choose where you would like them donated.

SPECIAL EVENTS:  Whether it’s a Gala, Quinquennia or backyard BBQ – if there are left over flowers, we will find a new home for them and spread more reasons to celebrate. 

RETAILERS:  As a 501c3 organization, all of your distressed flowers are tax deductible.  We save your waste and promote your generosity.

GROWERS:  If you have blooms you can’t sell, or an overabundance, we will help you make every petal count!


Who doesn’t love to play with flowers!! 

We are always looking for volunteers to pick up flowers, arrange and deliver them to care facilities.  We would be happy to explore how we can collaborate to make a positive impact on the community together.

Spread the word

Good news travels fast! 

You can support us by spreading what we do through social media, to family and friends, venues, brides and event planners.  Please also share if you know of folks, or organizations that we can deliver flowers and smiles to.

Financial Support

Your passionate giving makes a difference!

Each tax deductible DONATION goes directly towards helping us make a difference in the lives we touch together. Funds are put towards non-donated supplies and transportation costs.  Thank you for your generosity!

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