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Schedule a Flower Pick-Up

At Lilies of The Valley, we believe that every petal carries the potential to bring smiles and warmth to those who need it most. Your generous act of repurposing flowers from your special occasions can make a world of difference to individuals in hospitals and nursing homes.

How It Works

Scheduling a flower pick-up is simple and meaningful. Just complete the form below with your contact information, preferred pick-up date and time, and any special instructions you have for our dedicated volunteers. We'll take care of the rest, ensuring your flowers find new purpose in creating bouquets that inspire joy and positivity.

Bringing Joy Through Your Flowers

The beauty of your flowers doesn't have to fade after your event. By scheduling a pick-up, you're extending the life and impact of your floral arrangements to those who may be facing challenging times. Every bloom you donate becomes a source of hope, brightening the days of patients and residents with its vibrant colors and delicate fragrances.

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