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Bringing joy through Flowers

Dedicated to spreading happiness and comfort, Lilies of the Valley repurposes donated flowers to brighten the days of those facing hardships. With a focus on kindness and acknowledgment, we deliver floral arrangements to hospitals, nursing homes, and care facilities, making a heartfelt connection with those in need.


Our flower donation service has been spreading joy and love to various facilities, including Cashmere Convalescent Center where Mary was a model recipient of our first bouquet in 2016. We are proud to have our first wedding couple, April and Todd Burbank, donate their flowers and continue to bring to the faces of residents at Confluence Health, Our Home, Grace House, and many more. 

Remembering Mom

Joanne Hanson, our beloved mom, was Lily's loudest cheerleader and best volunteer! At an instant's notice, she was helping to pick up flowers or delivering them. Mostly though, she listened and encouraged us in our dreams.

We miss you, Mom

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Regarding the name "Lilies of the Valley"... As a florist, these delicate blooms hold a special place in my heart.

Many hospitals and certain venues restrict the inclusion of lilies in floral arrangements due to allergies.

That's why we, as volunteers, embrace the moniker "Lilies," symbolizing the essence of hope and happiness, without triggering any allergies. And as we serve, we find ourselves amidst the serene beauty of the Wenatchee Valley, adding to the charm of our endeavors.

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