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A Short Story

Lilies of the Valley was created 8 years ago,

by a florist, a nurse and a Harvard graduate.

James Risan (the graduate!) was reading an article about

Random Acts of Flowers - a non-profit flower repurposing organization back east. 

He turned to the florist, Karen MacPhail and said, “You could do this!” 

The recently retired nurse, Diane Risan exclaimed, “and I need a place to volunteer

now that I have all this time’!  2 weeks later we had our first board meeting.

 The End 

A Continuing Story


Mary, (pictured below) at Cashmere Convalescent Center,

was a model recipient of our first bouquet in 2016.

April and Todd Burbank (pictured in the header)

are our first wedding couple to donate their flowers!

Since then many facilities have opened

their doors and hearts to us.....

Confluence Health, Our Home, Grace House,

Bruce House, Bonaventure, Blossom Valley,

Tuscany House, Colonial Vista, Regency,

and many many more! 


Remembering Mom

Joanne Hanson, our beloved mom, was Lilies'

loudest cheerleader and best volunteer!! 

At an instants notice, she was helping to pick up

flowers or delivering then.  Mostly though, she

listened and encouraged us in our dream.

We miss you mom.

Photo Jul 31, 9 15 44 AM_edited_edited.jpg

ABOUT THE NAME "LILIES OF THE VALLEY.... As  a florist, this is one of my favorite flowers.

Most hospitals and some facilities do not allow lilies in bouquets that are being delivered.

So as volunteers, WE are the "LILIES" that bring a fragrance of hope and joy,

(without irritating allergies). Also we serve in a beautiful terrain of valleys!

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