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At Lilies of the Valley, we believe in the power of repurposed flowers to bring smiles, comfort, and hope to those in need. Our journey began with a simple yet impactful idea: to transform flowers from weddings and events into beautiful bouquets for individuals in hospitals and nursing homes. What started as a heartfelt gesture has blossomed into a mission that touches hearts and uplifts spirits

Your Contribution Matters

By donating to "Lilies of the Valley," you become a vital part of our compassionate journey. Your support empowers us to collect, repurpose, and deliver these floral tokens of love to those who need them most.

How Donations Will Be Used:

Flower Collection and Repurposing: Donations will be used to cover the costs associated with collecting flowers from weddings and events, including transportation, handling, and storage.

Bouquet Creation: Funds will support the skilled hands that arrange and create beautiful bouquets, turning donated flowers into symbols of love and compassion.

Delivery and Outreach: Donations will be used to facilitate the safe and timely delivery of these bouquets to hospitals, nursing homes, and homes where they can make a real difference.

Operational Costs: Some funds will cover administrative and operational expenses, ensuring the smooth functioning of your nonprofit.

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