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Lilies of the Valley is a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading joy, comfort and hope, through the repurposing of donated flowers. 

We rescue and prolong blooms far beyond their intended use.

Then with thoughtful restyling, we deliver bedside arrangements to care facilities, homeless shelters, nursing homes - concentrating on those who might be forgotten or alone. 


 With a bouquet in hand, the volunteers at Lilies of the Valley,  venture to celebrate a moment of human connection, compassion and perhaps a prayer. 

Our purpose as a corporation, is to create a world where the beauty and healing power of flowers are accessible to everyone, regardless of their circumstances.

We strive to promote awareness about the importance of repurposing and composting, and how it benefits our community.

We also provide education and training programs to empower individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to participate in our mission.

Our future vision is to celebrate various groups of people, by involving them

in our daily practice of working with flowers.  Groups of those on the spectrum

could use their creative abilities to design, as well as learn social skills

to improve communication and self esteem.  Those who find themselves

in unfortunate situations that lead to homelessness, could be educated in

the floral industry that would lead to employment.  The elderly, in nursing homes, memory care, or senior apartments, could benefit from hands on interaction

with flowers and other people.   The list of possibilities could go on and on....

Our visions is BIG!

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